How To Play Game Of War | Play Game Of War On PC

How To Play Game Of War | Play Game Of War On PC: There are fifty million downloads of this game and everyone is searching for how to play game of war. There are sure are a lot of free to play games on iOS where you build a city and attack other people. Who knew what Civilization would wreak?

Well, Game of War: Fire Age seems to be a pretty popular new entry into the genre, and being a curious fellow, I naturally decided to take a look into it and see what was up. After spending some time with it, what I will say is that, the path to success in this one is just different enough to require a slightly modified approach. Rather than give my usual list of tips, I’m instead going to offer you a guide to getting yourself established from scratch, all without spending a cent. So today we would discuss some simple steps that would help you out in how to play game of war. Read Below for more information.

 How To Play Game Of War | Play Game Of War On PC

You have a main stats that takes into account your offensive and defensive potential, and building that up is one of your main goals. In this game, it’s creatively named Power, and besides the actual troops and defenses you create, it also takes everything you build or upgrade into account. Follow Simple Steps to learn How To Play Game Of War.

  • Join An Alliance: Alliances offer many benefits including protection from attacks and helping speed up your timers for construction and research. Until your stronghold reaches level six, you’ll have access to a free teleport that you can use to teleport your city to a location nearby your alliance friends.
  • Resources: You have 24 spaces to allocate to resources. There are a few different viable ways to go with dividing things up. Like in other games of this type, food is pretty important if you’re going to have a large standing army, and you’re going to want a large standing army, but there are some differences here that might lead you to take a different approach.

Planning Your City :

  • Stronghold: As long as you’ve already found an alliance and cashed in your free teleport, you’ll want to get your stronghold level up to level eight as soon as possible. As the heart of your city, leveling up your stronghold allows you to level up other vital buildings.
  • Villas: You’re going to want a lot of these, probably around ten. Besides the four resources you’ll generate outside the walls of your city, you’ll also need silver. Silver is vital for research and research is vital for the next stage of our plan.

*In game of war, You should plan well to win. Specifically In Planning city you can also upgrade gymnos, hospitals, barracks, storehouse and academy. So this would assist during the time of battle and provide the king a nice backup support.

  • Advanced Troops: Advance troops really helps you during the time of unexpected attack. So you have to be proactive in building troops. The Secret key for building your power more quickly than other players in the early stages of Game of War is to reach the second level troops as soon as possible. In order to unlock them, you’ll need a level eight academy, along with a bunch of resources you’ll probably already have at the time and 180,000 silver.

These all are very important points that we have discussed would give you edge over your enemy.Make sure you that whenever you play, you take on an alliance quest and a daily quest. They’re just timers, so you don’t need to do anything, and they’ll provide free rewards. Don’t forget to claim your rewards from the quest tab of the menu, either, because they expire after a day.

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