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Game Of War Vs Clash Of Clans

Game Of War Vs Clash Of Clans: Now Millions of people in the world are fascinated by this gaming industry. People love to play classical games and sometimes they love to be the king and fighting for the whole kingdom. So here comes the Best games that people around the world are craving for. Clash of Clans and Game of War are currently the #1 and #2 highest grossing games on Apple and Google’s app stores respectively and will likely only increase their revenue after a pair of memorable Super Bowl commercials.

I was under the impression that Game of War commercial would be the most prominent video game ad of the night, but Supercell kept their Liam Neeson-starring Clash of Clans commercial a secret until it aired. While supermodel Upton donning battle armor was certainly eye-catching, it’s Neeson’s Taken-inspired “Revenge” ad that was the more memorable spot, and one of the better commercials of the night, as it turns out. So here we are going to discuss pros and cons of Game Of War and Clash Of Clans.

    Game Of War Fire Age

Game of War is built on a framework that is very similar to multiplayer mobile strategy games that have come before it. That’s games as in plural, because companies like Kabam have made multiple titles that thrive on the very same formula. You play the part of a king, attempting to build the most powerful kingdom possible in a game world full of other players with the exact same aim. While other multiplayer strategy games place people on different servers by language, this game actually translates chat so everyone understands one another. If that sounds like an impossible task given the way text speak and shorthand dominate chat boards in online games, the answer lies in crowd-sourcing: you can actually earn in-game rewards by correcting words the game doesn’t understand.

We can do better. Game of War: Fire Age takes some important steps toward something truly revolutionary, but it lacks the gameplay advances to make it all the way there. It’s likely to appeal to the same players who enjoyed the games that preceded it, yet it feels like a missed opportunity for everyone else. So this was the review of game of war seemed hot and sweet. Now let’s jump into its competitor.

   Clash Of Clans

The big difference here is that Clash of Clans doesn’t employ the tired energy limitations that define so many other freemium games. Instead, advancement depends on the gold and elixir stores you amass through mines you place throughout your encampments, which has the welcome effect of rewarding effort and dedication rather than slamming a door in your face the moment the gameplay gets interesting.

It’s a fine compromise that allows inexperienced players to practice against easier challenges and hardcore players to test their mettle against a living, thinking person. Deploying troops is usually just a case of tapping on various spots on your screen and letting them do the rest of the work, but there’s some strategy involved in the actual placement.

Game Of War Vs Clash Of Clans : Conclusion

So Now we have got ideas about what these games are all about. Where Game Of War Fire Age gives you many amazing combative features but somewhere it seems clumsy because of its pay per gold screen popups. Where as Clash Of Clans is very simple and flexible to play with.  Clash of Clans is thus a simple game, but that’s more of a strength than a weakness. Best of all, the option to fight against NPC goblins gives Clash of Clans a small edge over similar strategy games that rely almost entirely on player-versus-player combat.

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